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About the game
Top Trumps – a fantastic new game?

…Well, kind of.
Fantastic, yes. New, not entirely. If you are as old as we are, you might remember Top Trumps gripping children and adults alike across the country back in the 1970s and 80s. The game became the new craze back then, creating huge excitement, selling like mad and bringing a lot of people a lot of fun. Stop waiting, join the game now with free online pokies win real money continuous luck and many victories await you!

Ever heard of Dubreq?
Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Well, they were actually the people who originally launched the game of Top Trumps in 1977 in the now familiar red plastic boxes with clear perspex lids. Packs cost 50p in those days and the first titles were about Ships, Military Planes and Dragsters. The pictures on the cards were nowhere near as good as they are today, but the real thrill about each card was that it had a variety of fascinating facts and stats about that particular ship or plane. And this meant that you could do battle with your friends to try to win all of their cards by out-trumping the facts and stats on their cards. Hurry up and start winning with darmowe gry hazardowe jednoręki bandyta bez rejestracji at our casino. Limited supply!

Sounds simple
Well it was a simple game to play if you just want to turn over each card and hope that whatever fact you pick will be a winner. The skill comes by practising and practising, so that you become a Top Trumps expert and know which facts will win you through. Go to our website and get beste online casino. Hurry up to go and start winning.

And everything that ever mattered became a pack of Top Trumps
Dubreq had struck upon a real winner and they brought out packs of Top Trumps about everything that would fascinate school children and then about everything else as well. Loads of people all across the country suddenly became experts in the length and width of ships, the top speed of military planes, the horse power of a wide range of cars of all shapes and sizes, and the footballing prowess of top stars from all nations.

Dubreq were phenomenally successful
You weren’t anybody until you possessed several packs of Top Trumps. And then you were hooked – you had to get the full set.

Enter the big boys
The toy giant, Waddingtons, bought Dubreq in 1982 and continued to sell Top Trumps. A couple of years’ later, they brought out Super Top Trumps. These were essentially the same things, just with a few more playing cards but leaving out the cards explaining the rules and advertising the other packs that were available. Incidentally, most people chucked the ‘rules’ and ‘other packs available’ cards in the bin straight away. But if you were lucky enough to keep yours, well done! Original Top Trumps packs containing these are far more valuable today than those without.

Time for Top Trumps to take a little breather
By the mid 1980s, this first Top Trumps craze was beginning to fizzle out. And, as it often does, the reason came down to money! The cost to get licences to use pictures of footballers or comic characters and everything else soared. So Top Trumps became less and less profitable to make. Soon production of the game stopped and that was that. …for now.

However, whether you had a feeling the packs might be worth a few quid in years to come, or the fact that you couldn’t be bothered to clear your drawers out, a lot of people hung onto the packs of their beloved game. It was almost as if all of us fanatic Top Trump-ers knew that the game had only gone into temporary retirement. And so it was.

You can’t keep a cracking game down..
And in 1999 Winning Moves bought the rights to the Top Trumps name and set about re-inventing the game. They have introduced an absolutely superb new range of modern titles, such as The Simpsons, Buffy, Angel and Lord of the Rings, whilst updating the old classics about Footballers, Cars, Ships and much more. With fantastic pictures on every card, and the same raft of fascinating facts and stats, Winning Moves have truly done the classic card game proud.

And so Top Trumps, fresh, modern and as enjoyable as ever, are once again taking the nation by storm. With new titles being introduced regularly and old ones being retired, even some of the new packs from these last 4 years have already become collectors’ items. For example, Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring is changing hands on e-bay for a pretty penny. And if you’ve got packs of Spiders or Snowboarders, then you could be in the money as well.

Simply Top Trumps
We’ve been Top Trumps fanatics since the beginning, almost 30 years ago. So it just seemed natural to set up a web site to share the enormous pleasure we have had from Top Trumps over the years (and which we are now seeing our children enjoy) with as many people across the world as possible.

We hope the site and the fantastic range of Top Trumps packs brings you many, many hours of fun and enjoyment.

And finally, you definitely don’t need to be young to become a fanatical Top Trump-er.
Top Trumps truly are for everyone, of any age, that can be played anywhere and any time.




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